People who live in remote areas miss out on much, and this is particularly true in developing countries. Basic essentials are denied or in short supply. Pacific Islanders live a simple lifestyle which others may envy, but the reality is not so romantic.

In the areas where diseases such as malaria, TB, and childhood infections are common and cause many early and needless deaths, there are no regular visits by doctors, dentists or optometrists. Immunisation programs are non-existent or behind schedule. The support provided by Pacific Yacht Ministries has made a significant difference in some parts of Vanuatu.   


Why can't the Government deal with these issues? Pacific Island nations struggle economically, and budgets for all sectors are relatively small. Transport to sparsely populated outlying islands is extremely expensive, and medical budgets don't stretch far enough. Although foreign aid is quite generous, it is spent largely on infrastructure and those centres closest to the source get the most benefit.


Pacific Yacht Ministries has an important role to play in filling the void and getting medical services to outlying areas. You can help!

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